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Delivering Premium Trustee Services for Your Best Clients

  • Create Client Legacies
  • No Conflicts of Interest
  • Enjoy Long Term Partnership
Create Client Legacies • No Conflicts of Interest • Enjoy Long Term Partnership

At Alta Trust we know advisers want to help their clients with estate planning that honors their legacies. We also know advisers often struggle to find a trust company who is a true partner, not a competitor. With our team of experts including an estate planning attorney, we help guide advisers to the best solution that will honor client’s wishes. Our South Dakota Charter gives adviser’s clients unmatched trust options along with no state income tax and exceptional trust protection. The trusts we oversee can include almost everything from traditional securities, private real estate, businesses and hard-to-value assets. Working with our adviser partners, our goal is to ensure client’s legacies are honored and protected.

Discover the client advantages to a personal trust with Alta Trust.

When you work with Alta Trust you can expect…


Working alongside advisers, their clients and families is an essential part of establishing a trust everyone feels confident in.


When it comes time to begin managing the trust, our team provides excellent care to ensure nothing is missed.

Responsive Trust

All of the trusts managed by Alta are protected by one of the best trust jurisdictions in the United States.


Trust and Estates Magazine, the magazine of record for the trust industry, recently ranked South Dakota as the #1 Trust Jurisdiction in the United States?*

Alta Trust’s Personal Trust Plan

Discuss Your Client’s Wishes

We know there is no detail too small when considering a personal trust. Our team takes the time to listen to your client’s desires in order to meet their goals and honor their legacy.

Set the Course

Once we’ve established your client’s wishes, we work together with you and the client’s attorney to create a trust and investment management plan that leaves your client and their beneficiaries feeling confident and secure.

Honor the Path

After the trust is implemented, we continue to follow the path laid out by your client to ensure their wishes are honored.

“We believe that using a professional trustee like Alta Trust to administer a trust along with an independent investment adviser to manage the assets of the trust will not only save time, money, and worry for client families, but it will also give them the outcome they desire.”


– Mark Ponder, Chairman of Alta Trust

Why choose Alta Trust as your trust partner?

Everyone wants to feel confident that their wishes will be respected as they plan for the future. Clients often lean on trusted advisers to recommend estate planning options but it’s challenging to find a trust partner who isn’t a competitor.

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At Alta Trust we believe trusts shouldn’t be so difficult and advisers should feel confident in recommending a trustee. We excel in working with an estate planning team that includes an investment adviser, like you, the client’s attorney and accountant. Our trust services are a partnership between our adviser partners and their clients. As a family owned company, we approach your client’s trust with the type of care and professionalism we would expect for our own family. Clients can rest assured knowing their trust is in good hands with Alta Trust, and advisers can feel confident knowing we have their best interest at heart.​

​Discover how a trust with Alta Trust makes a world of difference.

We know finding the right trustee for your clients is imperative.
​Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. Our team is happy to have a conversation to hear your unique needs and goals.